The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs Season 4 Week 5

As we reach the halfway point for this season of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs I was interested to see what the clues were as well as finally make a guess for the movies. The clues were you always know who the maniac is in the first movie and you never do in the second. Those clues were too hard for us in the Mutant Fam to get so he even gave two more where the killer never dies in the first movie and the killer dies twice in the second, that’s along with the clues that Darcy gave along the way. I ended up guessing Intruder and Deep Red, even though I didn’t realize Deep Red had been shown previously. One of my guesses ended up being at least close with the movies being Slaughterhouse and Tenebrae.

The first movie was Slaughterhouse, and it was a first watch, which seems to be happening a lot this season. I remember seeing the cover before but that could be because of how distinct it is. We got the movie started off with talk of the origins of the hot dog. We also got some interesting stats on the consumption of them as well. We also got a peek at how both Joe Bob and Darcy like their hot dog, or tofu dog for Darcy, and the hot take that Joe Bob has about the use of ketchup on them. I will give warning about the title sequence for this movie and the use of actual slaughterhouse footage for it. After the movie the mailbag is tied directly to the movie and it ends with a long joke that Joe Bob tells about parrots.

The second movie was Tenebrae, which was a first watch but I had an interesting history with the theme. The theme had been popping up in a variety of playlists that Spotify makes for me the last couple of weeks. My guess of Deep Red was a lot closer than I would have thought it would be. There was less random info in the segments for this movie and more info about the movie and its title. The random info that there was mostly consisted of Joe Bob talking about his time taking Latin and him getting in trouble for translating certain phrases. The final segment started with an acapella rendition of the theme from the movie with a craning shot around the set. The mailbag had to deal with Joe Bob’s lack of love for Street Trash. It even ended with several hot dog jokes to come full circle for junk food night.

Week five of season four of The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs was another week of fun movies. This week had the biggest shift between the two movies, especially after the previous week. With the theme being junk food, the movies are kind of like two very different versions of that. The first movie is a greasy burger, and the second movie is a fancy foreign dessert. I have to once again recommend the Friday shows if you can. They’re so much fun, even if you don’t live tweet it. I give week five 10 stars out of 10.


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