Intruder was a movie that I hadn’t heard of until recently. I found out about it through a combination of it being added to Shudder and people talking about it. I’m honestly surprised that I hadn’t heard about this movie until recently. Between all of the talent involved and it being distributed by Full Moon Pictures or Empire Pictures as it was called at the time, this being a lesser-known slasher is a big surprise.

The premise for Intruder is a slasher set in a grocery store that’s been closed for the night. That’s the most original setting I’ve seen and one I’ve not seen, though I feel like it might have influenced the climax of Fear Street: 1994. The cast is one of the most random things about it. There was hype about Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell being involved, though Campbell was only a cameo while Sam Raimi was a supporting actor. Outside of those two the only other people I recognized were Ted Raimi and Dan Hicks. The rest of the cast is great too, even though I don’t readily know them.

Like any slasher worth its fake blood the practical effects are outstanding. I would expect nothing less from the men that founded KNB FX. The kills are as gnarly as you would want them to be. The kills used the setting as interesting as they could have. I don’t want to bring up Fear Street: 1994 but that’s the only other use of a similar setting. The music from Basil Poledouris work well with the rest of the movie.

Intruder is a fun slasher that was the victim of some misleading promotions. I honestly knew that I was in for a treat when I saw the Full Moon Productions logo at the beginning of the movie. In my opinion that logo in front of a movie in the 80s and 90s is a sign of high quality. If you want to see any interesting slasher in a unique setting, I can’t recommend this movie any more than I already have. You can stream the movie on Shudder, AMC +, and Tubi. I give Intruder 9 watermelons out of 10.

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