Stitches was a movie that I had wanted to see for about a decade. I had wanted to see it ever since it was on Netflix. It is connected to the movie Clown in my mind since both were on Netflix at the same time. It left before I was able to see it way back then. I was finally able to see Stitches after so many years because its on Shudder as well as Amazon Prime Video. I wasn’t aware that it would be nearly as funny as it was.

The comedy in this movie varies from pitch black to slapstick. That goes almost in spite of the design of the main clown. The kids in the movie are basically little shits, especially when they’re first introduced. When the time jump happens most of the character are still little shits. The only one that isn’t incredibly terrible is the lead, who was left with an intense case of coulrophobia. The cast is so good with all of the comedy and horror. Ross Noble is a highlight as the titular clown both when he’s alive and when he’s been resurrected.

The designs for all of the clowns are fun. The weirdest thing is the design of the face paint for the titular clown. Its so sparse and angular that you can’t help but be unsettled by it. Which probably goes along with the indifference the character has for the job of clowning. The makeup fits in with the clown once he comes back to life. The rest of the practical effects in the movie are just amazing. The CG isn’t great, but it doesn’t take much away from everything else.

Stitches is a fun horror comedy where you are kind of rooting for the killer clown from beyond the grave. I can’t help but recommend this movie if you’re a fan of horror comedies. There’s plenty of characters that you want to see killed even with them being teenagers, though I’m sure some people will see that as a bonus. There was even a tease for a sequel which probably won’t happen since its been so long. I give Stitches 8.5 balloon animals out of 10.

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