Edge of the Axe

I had never heard of Edge of the Axe until it was added to Shudder some time ago. The cover intrigued me greatly when I first saw it. I saw it featured on a video shortly after it was added that didn’t reveal anything to me other than the weird country western song that plays over the credits. I really didn’t know much about it when I went in and that’s the best way to go into this movie. Going forward I’ll have some mild spoilers, mostly while I complain about the issues I have with the movie. So, continue at your own risk.

This has way too much in common with Cry Wolf than I would really like for it to. Edge of the Axe is at least an actual slasher rather than a mystery thriller being masqueraded around as a slasher. While this movie does have a mystery element to it, but it is a subplot rather than the key element of the main plot. The story is almost nonexistent, and you aren’t given any reason to care about the characters. I don’t have any performances that I want to highlight. The director and writers made one of the oddest slashers I’ve ever seen. Its also boring, which is the one sin a slasher should never commit.

The kills in Edge of the Axe are one of the few high points for the movie. One of the first the worst things about the movie is that they have the kills paced out in such a way that there’s too much down time between them. When they actually happen, they’re fantastic. They work so well because the practical effects but also because of the music. The music adds such a level of tension its elevated. The music outside of the kills is okay but during the kills its like someone else did the music. I also want to mention the mask that the killer has in the movie. The featureless white rubber mask is the most distinctive part of the movie.

Edge of the Axe is an interesting slasher that is honestly pretty weird. If you’ve read through this you’re probably okay going into the movie. I say that because I’ve not actually revealed any plot points, if there are any that could be spoiled. If you still want to see the movie after this you can watch it on Shudder, Amazon Prime Video, and a whole variety of services. I give Edge of the Axe 5 Axes out of 10.

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