Halo: The Series Season Finale – Transcendence

I’ve been pretty open when it comes to the first season of Halo. The finale is everything that they’ve done throughout the season condensed into one episode. With how the previous episode ended I thought that it was setting up an interesting finale which would lead the story towards the titular structure. A lot of the action in the middle of the episode is good, especially while we’re following the Spartans on their mission.

All of the Halsey stuff seems to be setting her up fully as the secondary antagonist for the series. All of the UNSC stuff is positioned to be in direct opposition of the Spartans and everything that they’ve found out. That could even be a way for Soren to be brought back for the second season. The ending of the episode and season falls kind of flat after everything else in the season. I also have no idea what will come next in the show. It feels like it could be a reset for the story, whether it be a soft reset or a hard reset. If it’s a hard reset, it would feel like the first season would have been pointless.

“Transcendence” is an interesting season finale that is done a disservice by an ending that seemingly comes out of nowhere, even if it makes sense in the story. I feel like I might be a little too hard on the ending of the season but I’m hoping that the second season makes it feel less odd. I don’t think this episode will change anyone’s mind about the series. You can see the entire first season on Paramount Plus. I give “Transcendence” 6 alien artifacts out of 10.


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