Iron Fist Season 1

I’m nearing the end of the rewatch of the Marvel shows that had been co-produced with Netflix with the first season of Iron Fist. Rewatching it I remembered why I wanted to like it upon my first rewatch. A lot of it has to do with me being a huge fan of the character from the comics but there’s a lot that the show doesn’t get enough credit for. If the creators hadn’t tried to emphasize the martial arts aspects, I don’t think it would have been as negatively received. Its kinda like going into a kung fu movie but getting a business drama instead. I’d be pretty pissed off if I went into a theater to see Enter the Dragon but instead got Wall Street, and that’s almost what happened with this series.

It also doesn’t help when your main character is the least interesting part of the show. The way that Danny Rand/Iron Fist is written makes him uninteresting and compound that with Finn Jones trying his best but just not being able to bring anything interesting out it can be easy to be annoyed by him. The Meachum siblings and Colleen Wing however are interesting and the interactions that they have with the lead help him be more interesting. The focus on The Hand throughout the season probably tied their hands on how they could bring the final characters into the fold for The Defenders. If not for this being the lead in series for the huge crossover, I feel like the story for Iron Fist could have been told in a different way. The antagonists in this season kind of float around but always stick with the nebulous idea of The Hand as an organization without a singular focus. The only time that there’s a singular antagonist is during the final episode of the season with Harold Meachum stepping into the role without anyone else near the role.

One of the biggest gripes I’ve seen for the first season is the low quality of the fight scenes. After rewatching it again I fully understand and get behind this criticism. Outside of the sixth episode the fights were filled with rapid cuts and different camera angles. With the episode “Immortal Emerge from Cave” being directed by RZA the fights being as good as they are. One of the saving graces for the fight scenes is when they use wide angles, which allowed them to have the stunt team do more of the fight. The single fight in the eighth episode between Danny Rand and Zhou Chang is the best single fight of the entire season.

Iron Fist is superhero show that’s actually a business drama that plays at being a martial arts show. It isn’t nearly as bad as the reviews would have you believe. While its definitely the worst of the shows that they had released at this point. I might actually watch the second season of this. Up next for me with these is The Defenders which I’ve seen a couple of times before and I wonder what I’ll think of it with a third viewing, it might be my fourth viewing, but I don’t remember. You can stream Iron Fist on Disney +. I give Iron Fist 7.5 practice swords out of 10.

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