Halo: The Series Episode 8 – “Allegiance”

The penultimate episode of season one of Halo the Series shakes everything up. While the previous episode tied up a lot of the loose ends of the Kwan and Soren storyline, this episode frays any thread that wasn’t already tied up. The way everything is left in this episode feels like it should either be the season finale or the midseason finale. The biggest thing that people will talk about is the fact that Master Chief has sex, which is weird but goes well with how human they’ve made him in the show as opposed to the games.

“Allegiance” was directed by Jonathan Liebesman and written by Justine Juel Gillmer and Steven Kane. Everyone had been involved in the series before, the writing team having worked together on episode four. Liebesman had also directed episode six. I believe that this set the stage for the story going forward. Both Pablo Schreiber and Charlie Murphy carry the episode for the most part. The chemistry between them makes them keep you enthralled. Natascha McElhone brings this version of Halsey full into her role as antagonist. This is the second most action packed episode of the series so far. This is the only time, that I can tell, that there is so much Spartan-on-Spartan violence.

“Allegiance” leaves the series to rebuild in the wake of episode’s ending. I expect the season finale to be longer than the other episodes. There’s much to be done for the story to be at least partially wrapped up for the season. I expect the season to end with the titular halo being shown. I give “Allegiance” 9.5 alien artifacts out of 10.

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