Cry Wolf

I had put off watching Cry Wolf because while the trailers seemed slightly intriguing, I was never left feeling like it was a must see. After finally seeing it I will say that it doesn’t follow through on its concept. I’m gonna do my best not to shit on the movie but it felt me feeling bored after the mystery got started completely. It got so far up its own ass that it was more interested in swerves than any meaningful payoffs.

It was directed by Jeff Wadlow and written by Wadlow and Beau Bauman. The only movie that Wadlow has directed that I’ve seen is Kick-Ass 2 and it was an okay movie. Cry Wolf is a movie that I think would work better now, with how pervasive the internet is in our lives. The problem of focusing more on swerves than payoffs is my biggest issue in the story. The underutilization of some of the cast is also an issue, which also come from the pacing as well.

Cry Wolf stars Julian Morris, Lindy Booth, Jared Padalecki, Sandra McCoy, Kristy Wu, Paul James, and Jon Bon Jovi. You spend basically the entire movie with Morris and his uninteresting character. He does good job with the character, but the character isn’t written to be that interesting. He also isn’t as charismatic as other people in the cast. Both Booth and Padalecki are incredibly charismatic and you just kind of want them on the screen more.

The costume designer did an outstanding job throughout the movie. The Halloween dance was an extra feat with all of the costumes. The costume for the killer is simple which is probably why it was chosen. To make it seem like it would be able to be gotten by anyone. There wasn’t an abundance of practical effects or kills for that matter.

Cry Wolf is a thriller masquerading as a slasher. I had found the movie at a local flea market but noticed that it was leaving HBO Max on the 14th of May. I don’t have much else to say about this movie. I give Cry Wolf 4.5 ski masks out of 10.

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