Outcast Volume 8 – The Merged

The final volume of Outcast wraps up the entire story and maybe even the world it takes place in. It ends on a skeptically hopeful note that works well for the story. While it ends on a high note story takes a dark turn near the beginning of the volume. Everything gets really chaotic and looks bleak as more of the darkness comes through and you see how far its influence has spread throughout the country. That’s makes the eventual outcome seem even more hopeful. That’s not to mention the individual characters and what they do throughout the volume.

I think this is some of Robert Kirkman’s best writing. I found myself tearing up at the end of the story. It was like seeing a heartwarming ending to a movie, it just makes you tear up without you realizing it. Paul Azaceta’s art is just outstanding in this volume. Together with the color by Elizabeth Breitweiser everything just looks so good. Azaceta’s artwork makes the chaotic moments seem even more frenetic because of the line work. The color that Breitweiser uses really makes the Outcast’s powers standout and seem beautiful as compared to everything else. The use of blank pages is also amazing, giving you a moment to breath before you see what’s happened. This is a culmination of everything, and it doesn’t let you down.

Outcast volume 8 is a fantastic ending to one of my favorite horror comics that I’ve had the joy of reading. The volume ends with Kirkman talking about not only the comic book but also the TV series. That’s an interesting read about how they both came along, and Paul Azaceta gets to say a little bit about the comic as well. I don’t know if I could recommend this series anymore than I already have. I give Outcast volume eight “The Merged” 10 picnic baskets out of 10.

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