Outcast Volume 7 “The Darkness Grows”

Good lord, volume seven of Outcast is titled “The Darkness Grows” which is an apt name. These issues were all about the build up to the final confrontation between the two sides. The title works well because both sides grow but the dark side grows at a greater rate. The dark side is shown to a greater degree, and you get a hint of what they’ve been up to since they took over the town. The way this volume ends leaves how the final volume will not only begin but also how everything will end.

Robert Kirkman continues to flex his writing muscles in this volume. You can tell that he’s finished setting everything up for the series to end. Paul Azaceta and Elizabeth Breitweiser continue to work in tandem with each other to create dynamic art that makes some of the emotional moments even more of a gut punch. The way that they work together continues to make me want to devour these comics. The panel work is outstanding and lets the art breathe when it needs to.

Outcast volume seven is a volume that lives up to the name of “The Darkness Grows” and sets everything up for an interesting finale. I’ve not mentioned the cover art for all of the volumes. Both Azaceta and Breitweiser have made some of my favorite covers that I’ve seen. I’ve seen single issue covers that are just as dynamic. They have a talent for drawing you in. I give Outcast volume seven 9 RVs out of 10.

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