Episode 2 of The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs – Walpurgisnacht

This week’s episode of The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs had the theme of sexy witches. That was the main clue for the guessing game, sexy witches thirty years apart. Even though I wasn’t sure enough to guess but I did convince myself that one of the movies would be Hellbender. I was wildly incorrect with that guess.  The movies ended up being Black Sunday and Def by Temptation.

The first movie was Black Sunday, but the theme was about the celebration of Walpurgisnacht. Another name for it is Beltane and it kind of functions like Samhain but in the spring. That’s what I got from the history lesson that Joe Bob was giving us. He was giving us all sorts of knowledge about the movie and the celebration. This was a first time viewing of Black Sunday and I understand why its praised. The movie and segment ends with Joe Bob preparing us to learn of the traditional Walpurgisnacht drinks.

The second movie was Def by Temptation, which I had planned on watching since it was added to Shudder but never got around to. The traditional drinks of Walpurgisnacht are Maibock beers, a specific wine with sweet woodruff in it, and then a Finnish mead. The little bits of info that Joe Bob drops throughout the movie is incredibly entertaining, especially while factoring in the amount of alcohol that he drinks. The episode ends with a disappointed Joe Bob sitting in his chair saddened that there was no orgy, but Darcy’s reaction to his jokes cheered him up.

Episode 2 of The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs was so much fun. The added bonus of learning about Walpurgisnacht gave everything an added extra element of fun. Even if you have seen the movies, I would recommend seeing them with Joe Bob hosting them. If you get a chance, you can watch the episode live with the rest of the Mutant Fam for the next few weeks on Shudder. I give Episode 2 which I will dub Walpurgisnacht 10 stars out of 10.

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