Halo the Series Episode 7 – Inheritance

The newest episode of Halo ties up a lot of the loose ends from the Kwan Ha storyline. I’ve been pretty open about this storyline being my least favorite part of the show. This episode made the inclusion of the storyline make so much more sense than when the show started. You are shown what’s so special about the planet of Madrigal. All of the revelations in this episode sets up the rest of the season.

Jessica Lowrey did an absolutely fantastic job directing this episode. That combined with the writing from Steven Kane made this episode great. With Kane being one of the main people behind the development of the series I would imagine that he would be able to move the story into the direction that it needed to be. Lowrey was able to bring Yerin Ha’s performance to where it needed to be for the journey her character finished in this episode. That stunt team did a fantastic job in this episode. There were some really interesting CG shots in this episode.

“Inheritance” the seventh episode of Halo sets the stage for the story to integrate even more elements from the video game series. I’ve learned that there will be nine episodes in the first season, and this makes how the story has been paces make even more sense. The dangling threads have been shored up to have the story have a certain outcome. I give “Inheritance” 8 knives out of 10.

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