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Moon Knight Finale – Gods and Monsters


The final episode of Moon Knight is titled “Gods and Monsters”, which is a fitting title with everything that happens in the episode. This episode also continues my need for more Taweret in my life. Since her introduction at the end of episode four she has been a delight in my opinion. “Gods and Monsters” works as a great finale for the miniseries, but I think it sets up more Moon Knight in the MCU as a whole. I also hope that there will be more Egyptian gods going forward, since they seem to be a bit more hands on than the other gods.

I hope that Mohamed Diab continues working with Marvel because he’s an amazing director. His work throughout the series is varied and just fantastic. Moon Knight has had some fantastic talent in the director’s chair. The story for “Gods and Monsters” was by Danielle Iman and Jeremy Slater while the teleplay was written by Slater, Peter Cameron, and Sabir Pirzada. All of the writers that worked on this episode knocked it out of the park. They were able to tie everything up while setting up some other interesting things for the future.

The company or companies in charge of doing the CG effects for this episode did an amazing job. I believe this episode had the most CG in it and it looks absolutely fantastic. The action in this episode is top notch. The way everything is blended in the episode makes all of the separate elements even better. I will say that this episode has the least of Hesham Nazim’s music in it but what is there is just as amazing as anything else. The costume designer knocked it out of the park with what was introduced in the episode.

“Gods and Monsters” ends Moon Knight on an interesting note and I hope the characters are used more going forward. Later this year Werewolf by Night is getting his own special for Halloween and I hope that Moon Knight shows up in some way. It would only be fitting since Moon Knight showed up in the Werewolf by Night comic series originally. I want to get more from this little corner of the MCU. You can now stream all of Moon Knight on Disney +. I give “Gods and Monsters” 8 golden scarabs out of 10. I will give Moon Knight as a whole 9.5 golden scarabs out of 10.

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