Outcast volume 6 “Invasion”

I was not prepared for the turn that the story took in Outcast volume six took. With it being titled “Invasion” I was thinking it would have to do with what was already happening in the story. This volume picks up months after the previous one. In the time between the volumes things have progressed in ways that are getting each side strengthened for what will be a final battle. The side that is aligned with the darkness has a new leader after the previous one was killed at the end of volume four. The ending of this volume sets up the next two volumes to be intense and world altering.

This was another master class in creating comics from Robert Kirkman, Paul Azaceta, and Elizabeth Breitweiser. The writing is let to go into weird places with moments that ground the characters in reality. They are allowed to react and interact like people would. The art is more subdued in this volume than in the previous one. The action continues to have a frenetic look thanks to the line work. You feel the motion that you see on the page. That’s helped along by the color that’s used. You get a sense of the aftermath of the action on the page. The panel layouts also allow the inset panels to show little snippets of evil to peek out from the veneer they have. That’s one of my favorite things about comics, you can do subtle things to enhance the experience of reading them.

Outcast volume six “Invasion” continues to set up the final showdown between the two side. I wouldn’t have guessed that the story would have gone in the direction that it has. I think that’s one of the reasons I’m enjoying it as much as I am. I still wish that this had gotten as much notoriety as some of Kirkman’s other works. He also works with such fantastic artists it makes his writing even better. I give Outcast volume sic “Invasion” 9 lumber trucks out of 10.

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