Outcast Volume 5 “The New Path”

After a short break to get the last volumes ordered I’m finally able to finish covering Outcast as a whole. This is one of the more interesting comic series that I’ve read. The way the world has been built and how it is slowly revealed through the course of the story is really interesting. This volume has the most revealed yet and it also serves as turning point for the story. The ending of this offers up a new direction for the story, which makes sense with the volume being titled “The New Path”.

Its writing like this that reminds you why Robert Kirkman became a superstar so quickly. The world building that he does in this volume gives a much more defined background to the world. That’s helped along by the beautiful art by Paul Azaceta and color by Elizabeth Breitweiser. There are several moments in this volume that use the art and color to maximum effect. There’s even a double splash page that I think would make an amazing poster.

Outcast volume five “The New Path” starts the story down the road to what I believe is the final confrontation for everyone involved. The more of the lore that’s revealed in the world the more I’m drawn into the story. I’m interested to see where the story will go and if any of the revelations from this volume turn out to be lies or half-truths. I give Outcast volume five “The New Path” 8.5 broken pairs of glasses out of 10.

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