Halo The Series Episode 5 – Solace

“Solace” is the sixth episode of Halo and it deals exclusively with the fallout from the previous episode. I’ll also say that it is the most consistent episode since it stays with Master Chief and the UNSC rather than switching between the few storylines. The singular focus was a welcome change, especially with how annoyed I’ve gotten with the Kwan story.

Jonathan Liebesman is back as the director. “Solace” was written by Silka Luisa and Steve Kane. With both Liebesman and Kane having worked on the previous episode it helps have a more constituent tone. This episode is also anchored by Pablo Schreiber’s performance. The performance that Schreiber puts out throughout the episode is the most interesting part of the episode as well. I don’t want to spoil what’s going on throughout the episode. The score for the episode has interesting allusions to the Halo scores from the video game series.

“Solace” is an interesting episode that seemingly sets up the next few episodes. I’m still unsure of how many episodes are going to be in the first season. My main hope is that the next episode doesn’t focus solely Kwan. I give “Solace” 8.5 alien artifacts out of 10.


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