Moon Knight Episode 5 – Asylum

“Asylum” is the fifth episode of Moon Knight and I feel like it’s the best episode. That goes along with the rest of the MCU Disney + shows. The penultimate episode tends to be not only the best episode of the show but also a turning point in the story. That’s the only thing that Moon Knight has in common with the majority of the other Disney + shows.

Mohamed Diab is back as the director and boy howdy does he knock it out of the park with this episode. He translates the script from Rebecca Kirsch and Matthew Orton. Kirsch and Orton wrote a script that deals with dark and heavy subject matter. The performance from Oscar Isaac is incredibly powerful. You learn about Marc Spector and Steven Grant’s past and how they both came to be who they are. I also really enjoyed Antonia Salib’s performance as Taweret. I would be happy to see more of her and the rest of the Egyptian Gods.

This episode has fantastic CG effects in it. Taweret looks great and really makes the character as enjoyable as she is. Her character is one of the best meldings of CG and performance I’ve seen in a show. The production and costume design is extra great in this episode, with all of the shifting that goes on. Hesham Nazih is just amazing as the composer for the show. Each episode has some of the best music and the ending credits always have at least one amazing song playing under them.

“Asylum” is the best episode of the series so far and leaves things in an interesting spot. I don’t know what will happen in the finale, but I look forward to seeing where it will lead. I wonder how much of an effect this has on the MCU as a whole going forward. I give “Asylum” 9.5 golden scarabs out of 10.

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