Frontier(s) was a movie that I had seen the cover of during my time looking at the movies at the local rental store. It was part of the After Dark Horrorfest and those movies ended up getting in front of a lot more eyes than it would have normally. While the cover was eye catching it wasn’t enough to get me to rent it. It was enough to stick with me, and I did eventually look into the movie, and I put off watching the movie because of what I learned. After this I will have some mild spoilers for the plot of the movie.

The main plotline dealing with right wing politics as well as nazis makes it feel even more powerful than when it was originally released. Frontier(s) feels similar to Green Room because of the subject matter and level of violence. Unlike the previous New French Extremity movie, I watched this has a clear political statement to it. The violence is mostly targeted towards women, which has a lot more to do with the misogyny inherent with those views.

Xavier Gens made a powerful movie. This movie is an ugly, grimy, violent movie that is how some people view the world. What he accomplished with this movie is a special kind of nihilistic movie. The performance from Karina Testa is powerful. I don’t think I can properly describe it. I was surprised to see Samuel Le Bihan in this. I had only seen him in Brotherhood of the Wolf, and this is a much different role for him. Estelle Lefébure, Aurélien Wiik, David Saracino, Chems Dahmani, and Maud Forget are among the actors that put in outstanding performances.

The effects in the movie help give weight to the violence that runs throughout the movie. The practical effects are better than the digital effects, which has more to do with the advancements that have been made in CG effects. The violence in Frontier(s) is much more grounded than some other movies. The set and costume designers in this movie knocked it out of the park and it makes the movie even better. Another thing that elevates the movie is the score by Jean-Pierre Taleb.

Frontier(s) is a powerful nihilistic movie that has a more political message. I will readily admit that this had a much less profound effect on me than Martyrs did. There’s a single moment of release in this as opposed to multiple. I’m honestly glad that I finally watched Frontier(s). It’s leaving Shudder at the end of April. I give Frontier(s) 8.5 duffel bags of money out of 10.

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