Moon Knight Episode 4 – The Tomb

Episode four of Moon Knight is titled “The Tomb” and it is great. I think the series keeps getting better each episode. The show continues to expand on the mythology of the universe and see how Marvel has changed in the way they view the gods in the universe, which is different than what was originally portrayed in the Thor movies. The extended looks and views into the world of the gods in Moon Knight continues to be not only interesting but also incredibly peculiar.

“The Tomb” was directed by Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson. It was written by Alex Meenehan, Peter Cameron, and Sabir Pirzada. There are so many more horror elements in this episode than there have been in any other episode. May Calamawy continues to get to shine as Layla. The twist near the end of the episode gives everyone interesting things to do. It leaves everything in an interesting spot.

“The Tomb” is a fun episode that continues and evolves the story that Moon Knight is telling. The next two episode are directed by Mohamed Diab as far as I know. This will give them a more consistent voice and style. I’m interested in seeing where the next two episodes will lead us. I give “The Tomb” 9 golden scarabs out of 10.

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