Critters 4

Critters 4 is boring, I hate to say that but it continues that from the previous movie. Critters 3 and 4 were filmed back-to-back and you can really feel it. They both the same overly serious, non-jokey tone. My favorite parts of the first two movies are the funnier moments and without those moments the series just fails to standout. I understand why these last two movies didn’t stick with me in the long run. That isn’t to say that it’s a bad movie, just something that doesn’t stand out from the rest of the series.

Liam Buck did a commendable job as the director. The screenplay was written by David J. Schow and Joseph Lyle based on a story by Buck and Barry Opper. The only person that had anything to do with the creation of the previous movie is Schow. That comes into play with how the movie starts with the ending of the previous movie. These two movies have the most continuity between them and its almost to their detriment.

Don Keith Opper returns as the most consistent person in these movies. Like the last movie he isn’t used until about halfway through the movie. Though he was in this movie more than in the third one. The rest of the cast includes Paul Whitthorne, Angela Bassett, Brad Dourif, Jonas Brindgley, Anders Hove, and Eric Da Re. Angela Bassett and Brad Dourif are welcome additions and make the underuse of Opper much more understandable. Their addition also helps the movie be much more fun to watch.

The Chiodo Bros are once again back to continue their work on the Crites. This time they get to go through the entire lifecycle of the Crite, which isn’t something that we’ve gotten to see before. We see the freshly hatched, yet still somehow hairy, Crite as well as seeing one mature into a full-sized Crite, complete with weird shifting patches of flesh. We get one that has distinct features, which was something we first saw in the second movie. The music by Peter Manning Robinson fits the movie, which might sound like a negative, but it really isn’t.

Critters 4 is an overly serious creature feature that fits right in with the previous movie in the franchise. This movie kinda killed the franchise for a long time. The was a weird web series that came out in 2019, and it added the comedic elements back. The were another movie released after that, but I’ve not seen it yet. I can only hope that it had comedic elements as well. You’ll have to rent or buy it if you want to see Critters 4. I give Critters 4 5 pairs of cowboy boots out of 10.


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