Critters 2

Critters 2 is my favorite of the entire franchise. This honestly has most of the iconic moments of the franchise in my opinion. I was as pleasantly surprised at this holding up as well as it has, which is how I felt about the first movie. Critters 2 has a much lighter tone at the beginning. I also really appreciate how cartoony some of the violence is, especially at the beginning, which helps keep it more lighthearted.

The tone comes from Mick Garris’ direction. He also wrote the movie with David Twohy, which I was surprised to see. I knew that Mick Garris wrote and directed Critters 2 but had no idea that Twohy had anything to do with it until this rewatch. He inadvertently wrote two of my favorite movies from my childhood. The two made a sequel that cranked up the weirdness to 11, which made the movie distinct from any other in the franchise. That might also be the reason it wasn’t well received upon release, but I’ve loved it since I first saw it.

The cast of Critters 2 only has a few returning. Scott Grimes, Don Opper, Terrence Mann, and Lin Shaye all return as the same characters. Barry Corbin takes over the role that M. Emmet Walsh had in the first movie. Corbin is much more animated than Walsh and the character is featured much more in this movie. Liane Curtis, Tom Hodges, Sam Anderson, Herta Ware, and Roxanna Kernohan are all new characters in the movie. Well Kernohan plays a returning character but is a different kind of character. That’s not even mentioning the quirky and cooky townsfolk that are featured throughout the movie.

The Chiodo Brothers returned for this sequel, and they got to do more of the same thing that they did in the first movie. The Crites get to have more personality and you even get to see them hatching from their eggs as well as when they’re freshly hatched. The addition of the combo ball as a way for a group of them to get around is interesting and the giant one from the end of the movie is the gimmick for the movie. The other effects in the movie are great but I really want to focus on the Crites because they’re the titular creatures. The early visual effects don’t look that bad, especially with as old as they are. The music by Nicholas Pike is great and helps the movie shift tones.

Critters 2 is one of the few Easter based horror movies even it its because that’s when its set and that’s the main thing that makes a movie a holiday movie. I don’t really remember anything about the next two movies in the franchise, so the next couple of movies will be pretty interesting. I know that I’ve seen the third movie and I feel like I’ve seen fourth, but I don’t remember seeing it. To see Critters 2 you’ll have to rent or buy it. I give Critters 2: The Main Course 9 Easter eggs out of 10.

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