Halo Episode 4 – Homecoming

“Homecoming” is the fourth episode of the Halo series. It continues to evolve the story that’s unfolding in the new timeline that has been created for the series. I feel like they’re positioning Halsey as a secondary antagonist behind The Covenant. In the games she’s always been positioned as a shady tertiary that is important to the backstory of Master Chief and the Spartans. Her relationship with other characters in the series so far have been standoffish at best, fully hostile at worst. With this episode being completely absent of The Covenant the focus being elsewhere let other plotlines evolve.

Everything that’s been going on with Soren and Kwan has reached an interesting point and in the next episode or so I expect Kwan to make a choice about what she’ll do for the rest of the season, and how that will work against the UNSC and Vinsher. On Reach Kai-125 has made some choices that will have some interesting consequences for the rest of the season. Her working with Miranda has led to some character growth for Miranda, which also led to my realization about how Halsey is being positioned in the series. There’s sadly no change in the relationship between Master Chief and Cortana in this episode, but there is a slight change between Cortana and Halsey as well as Chief and Halsey.

Roel Reiné does some great work in this episode. They get to handle a bit more action than has been in the previous episode. Justine Juel Gillmer and Steven Kane do a great job of getting the story going into an interesting direction. The way the different episodes continue to lead the story into new and interesting directions. My one complaint about the series right now is the fact that Cortana looks too much like Halsey. She did in the games but its completely different when it comes to live action rather than a video game.

“Homecoming” had the story for Halo into a direction that I didn’t see but am still looking forward to where it leads. I’ve not really seen too much from fans of the video games when it comes to the series, but for the most part everything I’ve seen has been negative. I’ve been enjoying it with my more open mindset. Keeping an open mind has helped me enjoy the Halo series more than others have. You can stream it on Paramount +. I give ”Homecoming” 9 alien artifacts out of 10.

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