Moon Knight – Episode 3 “The Friendly Type”

Episode 3 of Moon Knight is titled “The Friendly Type” and it kicks the story into a different gear. We’re shown how the Egyptian Gods work as opposed to the Norse Gods. We don’t get to spend enough time with them to see all of the differences but there are most definitely some noticeable differences. I’m personally interested in seeing how they juggle the difference pantheons going forward.

Mohamed Diab was back as the director this episode. The writers for the episode were Beau DeMayo, Peter Cameron, and Sabir Pirzada. All of them continue to the work done by the previous groups. Mohamed Diab continues the great work that he did in the first episode. We get to see a bit more of his eye for action in this episode and I wish we got to see more because I like what has been shown. As far as the cast in this episode the biggest addition is Gaspard Ulliel, who sadly passed earlier this year. I liked what I saw in the short screentime, which is saying a lot since I wasn’t a fan of his in Hannibal Rising. We also get to see the character of Layla be a badass in the episode, which is how it should be.

“The Friendly Type” is a continued evolution of the story and will almost certainly lead to Moon Knight going to even weirder places. There are some hints to the levels of violence that Moon Knight usually goes to in the comics, but nothing has been explicitly shown. There are also hints to how dark the show will get but hasn’t gotten there yet.  You can stream Moon Knight on Disney +. I give “The Friendly Type” 9 golden scarabs out of 10.

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