Halo episode 3 – Emergence

“Emergence” the third episode of Halo is pretty interesting. The show is doing a lot of interesting things with the lore from the universe. You get to see this timeline’s version of Cortana, which still sounds the same but looks different. Master Chief is more proactive in this episode than he had been previously. There’s more insight into Dr. Halsey and her relationships to those around her, especially her daughter. The relationship between the Chief and Cortana is that of siblings forced to do something together. With one being overly excited and eager while the other is annoyed at everything the other does.

We get a lot more time with The Blessed One or Makee as is her name. We’re shown how she came to be in the care of the Covenant. We also see the Hunters as she uses them on a UNSC ship, but outside of their armor. This leads to an absolutely horrific sequence when the worms swarm and kill the crew of the ship. We’re also shown that she isn’t to be trifled with either, with a mini energy sword in one of her nails.

 Charlie Murphy’s Makee is terrifying in this episode, in which we get a lot more time than we have before. Pablo Schreiber’s Master Chief is becoming his own thing now rather than slightly being a derivative of the game version. Natascha McElhone gets to play a flash clone of Halsey and Halsey herself while also being the physical form of Cortana. Jen Taylor is still the voice of Cortana, which is a welcome consistency between this and the game. Bokeem Woodbine continues to be a welcome addition as Soren. Sadly, Yerin Ha’s Kwan Ha continues to feel like a dangling thread from the first episode. I hope she gets to do more than just talk about Madrigal soon.

“Emergence” is the start of Halo really finding its own voice and footing among the franchise. The story beats that this episode has will possibly lead to an interesting revelation in the next episode or two. I think this is the best episode of the series so far and I hope it continues on this path. You can stream it on Paramount +. I give “Emergence” 9 alien artifacts out of 10.

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