Moon Knight episode 2 – Summon the Suit

Episode two of Moon Knight is titled “Summon the Suit”. It continues the interesting storytelling that is happening in this series. This episode was directed by Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson, who are known for their indie horror movies. From what I know of their movies they don’t have a lot of action in them, but they have a great eye for action. This episode has a lot of action and unlike the first episode you see the action happening. The episode was written by Michael Kastelein, and he is able to carry the same tone over from the first episode. This episode expands upon the lore and what’s actually going on.

Oscar Isaac continues to be a delight as he plays the two very different characters of Steven Grant and Marc Spector. The interplay between the two is great. When you add F. Murray Abraham’s Khonshu into the mix it gets even better. May Calamawy is seen in this episode, rather than just heard, as Layla. Adding her to the mix with both Steven and Marc is interesting. Ethan Hawke continues to be sinister while knowing so much more than any other character. The digital effects in this episode are fantastic. The jackal monster looks great and the transformations into Moon Knight does as well.

“Summon the Suit” continues the story started in the first episode while slowly revealing the mysteries. The ending of the episode takes us to what will be an interesting place. It will continue to be something that I will look forward to until the end of the run. Everyone that’s working on this show is knocking it out of the park on each episode. I think Moon Knight is starting this year’s MCU Disney + shows on a strong note, and it’ll take a lot for me to change that thought. I give “Summon the Suit” 9 golden scarabs out of 10.

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