Tragedy Girls

I had tried to watch Tragedy Girls a few years ago but had a hard time getting into it. I had given it a shot because I heard a lot of people that I follow talk about it, and when I hear a lot about a movie, I will at least give it a watch. I was having a bit of a hard time and that made it difficult to get into it. I started seeing people talk more about it again. That made me want to reevaluate it, this time not going through a hard time.

Tragedy Girls was directed by Tyler MacIntyre. It was written by MacIntyre and Chris Lee Hill. The direction of the movie is really good. It blends and switches between styles with ease. A lot of the characters are written in ways that make them incredibly unlikeable. That is the exact opposite of the performances from the actors, especially the leads.

The leads, Alexandra Shipp and Brianna Hildebrand, are so incredibly charismatic that you can’t help but kinda cheer for them as they do some pretty despicable things. I knew that Hildebrand was good, especially since she was part of the criminally underseen The Exorcist TV show that was on Fox. Shipp I was less familiar with aside from her having the misfortune of starring the latter X-Men movies. Watching this after having seen Scream (2022) I feel like they wanted people to think that Jack Quaid was going to have a role in it like he did in here. He definitely played to his strengths here. Josh Hutcherson and Craig Robinson being in the movie was surprising, but fun. Kevin Durand plays to his strength and rounded out the trio of actors from X-Men movies.

The practical gore effects are pretty spectacular. A standout effect is the death of Craig Robinson’s character. The blending of the effects looks absolutely fantastic. The original music from Russ Howard III is really good. The licensed music throughout the movie itself is amazing. It helps give the movie the feel of the time as well as a high school movie.

Tragedy Girls is a good movie that’s only weighed down by just a little mediocre writing but is saved by the performances. I’m really glad that I reevaluated the movie because it’s a good movie. If I’m being honest I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a sequel made, mostly because they seemed to set one up. Be prepared to laugh a lot during it. You can stream it on Shudder right now. I give Tragedy Girls 9 cellphones out of 10.

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