I don’t understand how it happened, but Morbius is a boring movie. It ran into the same problem that the first Ghost Rider movie where they wanted to make a cool movie for a popular comic book character. This movie manages to be a messy boring movie that has only the tiniest moments to shine. Its honestly pretty impressive how messy and boring it manages be. I went in with low expectations, mostly because how many times Morbius was delayed. I’ve learned that when a comic book movie is delayed it isn’t good.

I don’t know how much of Morbius’ messiness is from the script. It was written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. I’ve not seen most of what they’ve written but what I have seen is another vampire movie, Dracula Untold, which was an action movie with vampires in it. That’s more than I’ve seen from director Daniel Espinosa. There are visual elements that are straight out of a horror movie and those are well done. Its when it becomes actiony that Morbius loses anything that would make it interesting.

The problem also arises that the performances are mostly bland. A highlight is the chemistry between Jared Leto and Matt Smith. Matt Smith is incredibly charismatic as the villain. Outside of that the other actors are underutilized in the movie. Jared Harris is wasted in the role of the mentor. Adria Arjona’s performance is flat and far below what I’ve seen from her. Jared Leto is both charismatic and boring in the lead role. It takes a special kind of talent to be able to pull that off.

Part of the blandness on screen is the oversaturation of the CG use in the movie. The vamp faces for both of the vampires look terrible. I think it’s the design that they used for them. If they had used practical effects for the faces, I think it would have looks at least slightly less terrible. The effects used for the movements look weird, the concept is interesting but is implemented in a less than optimal way. The music from Jon Ekstrand is actually pretty good. It gives the movie a much more epic feel than it deserves.

Morbius is a messy boring movie for a character that probably isn’t popular enough to carry a movie without setup. I feel like one of the reasons we have the movie now is because the people that grew up watching the character on Spider-Man: The Animated Series. The after credits scenes are pointless and stupid. I refuse to say anything positive about those scenes. You can choose to watch Morbius in theaters if you really want to, but I would say you could watch pretty much anything else in theaters. I give Morbius 4.5 vampire bats out of 10.

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