Halo episode 2 – “Unbound”

Episode 2 of the Halo series continues the slightly underwhelming story that was started in the previous episode. Calling it slightly underwhelming is being a little harsh but it’s doing some weird things. The series is far less precious about how Spartans are treated than in the games. The fans of the games will have a hard time reconciling the two different storylines, since I’m sure fans were expecting them to share storylines.

The story is going in weird places, and you see a younger John and how he’s always been a strict rule follower. The introduction of Soren, a Spartan that was a friend of John’s that left the UNSC. There’s also a follow up with the planet where the first episode took place. That along with the bureaucracy of the UNSC paint them as slightly sinister. One thing that is the same for both timelines is that Dr. Halsey is ruthless.

“Unbound” episode 2 of Halo leaves the next episode to possibly get weird. It sets up Cortana and the complications that come from the introduction of her. That’s not to mention the weirdness that’s going on the Covenant. I don’t even know where that story is going. I give “Unbound” 6.5 alien artifacts out of 10.

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