Moon Knight Episode 1 – The Goldfish Problem

Moon Knight was a huge surprise for me when it was announced. Moon Knight was never the most popular superhero and always had a hard time keeping a regular series going. I started reading him about sixteen years ago when Charlie Huston relaunched him in volume five. The concept of the character was incredibly interesting to me, and I was excited to see what would happen in the adaptation. I also wondered if it would have violence on par with that in volume five.

Episode one of Moon Knight is titled “The Goldfish Problem” and it is very entertaining. Mohamed Diab and Jeremy Slater made an episode that lets you know that things are going to get weird. There are so many darkly comedic moments throughout the episode and they really stand out amongst some of the weirder moments in the episode.

Oscar Isaac’s portrayal of the characters that he plays really help them be distinct from each other. You barely see Marc in the episode but Steven is the main role in this episode. When dealing with a character as wildly inept as Steven in the situations he is in throughout the episode you will have some level of comedy. The interactions between Steven and Khonshu are also incredibly funny. Ethan Hawke is sinister and has the kind of presence that you can’t help but keep your eyes on him.

“The Goldfish Problem” is an interesting start to the newest Disney + series. I really hope that by the end of Moon Knight there’s a solid connection to the more supernatural aspects of the MCU. There’s nothing yet, but I hope that changes. I plan on covering the next five weeks when the episodes premiere. I give “The Goldfish Problem” 7.5 water-filled blenders out of 10.

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