Halo: The TV Series Episode 1 – Contact

I’m a huge fan of the Halo franchise. That being said the first episode of the long gestating Halo television series is kind of like the boring parts of the games. It’s a beautifully shot and well made, but it feels like the cutscenes from the games. The opening offers an interesting contrast between how the Covenant fights human versus how the Covenant fight Spartans. After the opening the story shifts to what would be in a game cutscene, which makes sense with the difference in the way storytelling between TV and Games.

The cast brings in different versions of game characters. Pablo Schreiber, Olive Gray, Danny Sapani, and Natascha McElhone all play characters that were in the games. Shabana Azmi and Yerin Ha play characters made for the show, or I think they are. Schreiber does a commendable of playing Master Chief but he’s a different character in the show than in the games. Its too early to say anything solid yet.

The recreation of game assets, from the Spartan armor to the weapons, is impressive. The way the Elites look give them a much more monstrous look than in the games. The digital effects look pretty good for the most part, some looks a little weird for backgrounds though. I don’t know how much of the creatures are practical effects or are all digitally made. The music from Sean Callery does an amazing job with the music. The sound fits right in with the music from the games.

Episode one of the Halo series “Contact” is an interesting start and I wonder how well it will work going forward. It took about seven years for this show to come out. I’ll keep watching Halo and keep an open mind. You can stream Halo on Paramount +. I give “Contact” 6.5 alien artifacts out of 10.

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