Angel Roleplaying Game Corebook

I’m always interested in learning about new and different Tabletop Roleplaying Games and their systems. That goes double so whenever it’s connected to a property that I’m already into. It’s only been within the past two years that I learned about the Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel Roleplaying Games. I had trouble finding anything out about them until recently when I was able to find a physical copy of the Angel corebook. After reading through it a couple of times I think I have a solid grasp on how the game works.

The system that the game uses is called The Unisystem. The character creation is done by point by, which means you have a pool of points used for attributes and other things. Each archetype gets different amounts of points to use for character creation. Both skills and attributes have similar point costs for the different point pools. The thing that makes the system interesting is the quality and drawback system. Qualities cost a certain amount of points while drawbacks give certain amount of points. Qualities give additional ranks is skills and other things as well, the more beneficial they are the more they cost. Drawbacks are the opposite, though they aren’t exactly as powerful as Qualities can be. The character creation system looks to be incredibly interesting.

The game was designed by C.J. Carella and published by Eden Studios. From what I can tell both Buffy and Angel games share several things, though I’ve not seen any of the Buffy game books.

Angel Roleplaying Game Corebook offers an interesting game that was kneecapped by the publisher losing the license. There was only one other book published for this game before Eden Studios lost the license for it. I feel like both this and Buffy would still have a fun and interesting roleplaying game. Even with the downfall of the creator of both series the sentiment towards the properties are still positive. I give the Angel Roleplaying Game Corebook 8 swords out of 10.

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