Boys from County Hell

With it being Saint Patrick’s Day I wanted to go with a nontraditional movie. Usually, I would watch one of the Leprechaun movies, but I wanted to do something different. I chose Boys from County Hell because it’s an Irish movie. That’s really the only thing I was looking for when I was looking for an alternate movie for the holiday. While there are other Irish horror movies that I could choose but this one offers something interesting.

This movie has a new take on vampires that not only make them monstrous but also unkillable. Boys from County Hell was written by Chris Baugh and Brendan Mullin. Chris Baugh also directed the movie. Baugh and Mullin brought the legend of Abhartach to a wider audience as well as the possibility of it serving as a basis for Bram Stoker’s horror masterpiece Dracula. That’s the most interesting thing about the movie. The script is a fun mix of horror and comedy.

That script is brought to life by the cast. Jack Rowan, Nigel O’Neill, Louisa Harland, Michael Hough, John Lynch, and Fra Free. I didn’t know why I recognized Free until I looked him up. I realized that I knew him from his role in Hawkeye. Both Rowan and O’Neill are fantastic in their roles as son and father. The entire cast has the kind of comradery that helps the characters feel like they’ve known each other for years. That gives the emotional moments even more weight, which there are a great many in the movie.

The effects for Abhartach in the movie are something else. They’ve made a truly monstrous vampire that stands out in several ways amongst other vampires. That’s not only because of the creature effects but also from the way that Robert Strange plays him. The effects used for the younger vampires also help the vampires in the movie standout. They’re so incredibly animalistic than most other vampires in other works. Steve Lynch did the music for the movie. His score adds a great deal to the movie. The set design for the movie is great but more specifically the design for the pub, The Stoker, is fantastic.

Boys from County Hell is a fantastic horror comedy that does something interesting with vampire lore. I watched the movie when it was first added to Shudder last year, which was before I started this blog. I feel like this doesn’t get mentioned as much as it should, but that’s what happens when there are so many quality horror movies coming out. You can stream Boys from Hell County on Shudder. I give Boys from County Hell 9.5 cairns out of 10.

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