Fallen (98)

Fallen was a movie that I really wanted to see when I saw the trailer for it when it was coming out in theaters. I never got a chance to see it either in theaters or when it came out on home video. It also drifted in and out of my memory in the years since its release. In the last few months Ryan Hollinger did a video about it, which helped keep it in the front of my mind. I’m glad that I finally got to see it. Fallen is definitely right up present-day Michael’s sensibilities while it might have been too boring for younger Michael.

A lot of that comes from the script being a supernatural neo-noire detective story. Nicholas Kazan’s script gave an interesting base for Fallen to expand upon. Gregory Hoblit uses Kazan’s script to make a really interesting detective story that delves into the supernatural part in interesting ways. The original trailer gave away the biggest twist, which was a shame. That being said Hoblit and Kazan were able to make a movie that does a lot of things really well.

The cast is part of the reason that Fallen works so well. Denzel Washington, John Goodman, Donald Sutherland, Embeth Davidtz, James Gandolfini, and Elias Koteas star. Denzel really makes the movie. His natural charisma shines throughout. Elias Koteas is only in the movie at the start, but his performance is so magnetic that you keep him in mind throughout the entire movie. It also serves as a base for everyone that Azazel possesses. The cast is surprisingly star-studded.

The costume and set design are the main thing that you pay attention to in the movie. They both serve the movie incredibly well. It all makes the movie feel like it takes place in the real world, but with something more going on in the background. The music by Tan Dun is really good. The score helps the film convey the right feelings.

Fallen is a great supernatural neo-noire movie. This is one of those Denzel Washington movies that you can easily forget about because it can look like some of his other movies. This might very well be the only movie that he has done that is basically a horror movie. This is also the only movie that you will see where John Goodman does a Mick Jagger impression. You can stream Fallen on the Starz app. I give Fallen 9 bibles out of 10.

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