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Cobra Kai (Season 3)


Cobra Kai season three had an interesting time coming out. It was produced by YouTube but was released by Netflix because of the shift that YouTube did away from scripted TV. It has a similar feel as the previous two season. It also picks up from the end of season two and allows the story to continue to evolve.

While there are cameos from the previous movies, I feel like there isn’t an overreliance on them. The way that the cameos are used in this season let the story being told work with the cameos being something fun for fans of the franchise rather than nostalgia bait. There’s a whole subplot that involves the major players from The Karate Kid part II and it makes sense in the story.

The final cameo of the season seemingly helps build a bridge between Daniel and Johnny. Elisabeth Shue returns as Ali for the final two episodes. Her return alongside the attack that Kreese sanctioned drives the two rivals into an unlikely partnership at the end of the season. That partnership is also the culmination of everything that has happened in the story until that point. Johnny starting his own dojo, with a pretty kickass but goofy name, sets him on the path to team with Daniel.

That is the corruption that happened to both Miguel and Hawk. The fights between the dojos. The search for acceptance that Robby has continued to go through. The corruption and redemption of Hawk is something that I expect to see in the next season, with him turning on Cobra Kai at the end of this season. Miguel’s rehabilitation is a key part of most of the season. It helps solidify his and Johnny’s relationship.

Cobra Kai season three is a great season of TV. I think this season is a show firing on all cylinders and reaching its full storytelling potential. I can only hope that the next season is as good as this one was. You can still see Cobra Kai streaming on Netflix. I give Cobra Kai season three 9 headbands out of 10.

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