Feast wasn’t really on my radar when it first came out. What little I knew was what I had learned from magazines and that was the connection to the show Project Greenlight. That connection really didn’t mean anything to me since I had never seen the show. The only thing that I knew was it was a horror movie and nothing outside of that. It wasn’t until some time later that I learned that it was a monster movie. This is such a throwback movie in the style and tone. The style has an exploitation feel, it feels dirty.

A lot of the feel come from the script, which was written by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. That exploitation feel is something that stayed throughout their scripts. That feel specific feel isn’t the same but there’s still bits of it that remain in them. The feel of Feast also comes from the director. It was directed by John Gulager. I had seen Piranha 3DD, which he had directed after this, and had a lot of fun while watching it. Gulager, Melton, and Dunstan all work together to make a funny and gory monster movie.

The cast is interesting like there is a huge variety in the members in it. It stars Balthazar Getty, Henry Rollins, Navi Rawat, Judah Friedlander, Josh Zuckerman, Jason Mewes, Jenny Wade, Krista Allen, and Clu Gulager. Jason Mewes being in the movie and playing a version of himself is possibly the most random thing about the cast. Clu Gulager being in the movie is the least random member of the cast, mostly because he is the father of the director. Eric Dane’s cameo works so well because he just looks the part of a movie hero.

The monsters in the movie are something else. They have such a disgusting feel to them. The creature design helps with that especially since there was a creature penis. The fact that the penis also gets smashed adds a different level of ick to the movie. There’s also a fair amount of blood which helps the film have more of the exploitation feel. The music from Stephen Edwards is really good.

Feast is a fun throwback monster movie that feels like it would fit in with a movie from the 80s. There are two sequels that I’ll be watching soon because I was able to find the trilogy on DVD recently. These are probably hard to find because of the connection to a certain company. You can stream Feast on Tubi and The Roku Channel with ads for free, I give Feast 8.5 pool sticks out of 10.

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