Tremors: The Series

Tremors: The Series is a series that’s surprisingly hard to find. I wasn’t aware of that until looking around the internet for it. I was shown a way to see it for free on vimeo through twitter. I was shown that by the account that convinced me to watch the series but wanted to see about finding it another way. You can find it on DVD on Amazon, but I was able to borrow it from my dad.

I’m actually pretty glad that I watched the show. Tremors: The Series was developed by S.S. Wilson, Brent Maddock, and Nancy Roberts. This takes place some time after the third movie. There are several characters from the movies but only Michael Gross remains. The new members of the cast are Victor Browne, Gladise Jimenez, Marcia Strassman, Lela Lee, and Dean Norris. Both Strassman and Lee take over the roles of Nancy Sterngood and Jodi Chang, both I had known from other roles. Both Norris and Browne have roles not connected to any characters from the previous entries in the franchise.

Tremors: The Series almost runs into the problems that the third movie ran into. I say almost because they don’t use only CG effects, but there is an overreliance on it. It makes sense with how quickly TV shows have to shot while movies have more time. The practical effects that they are able to use in the show look great and offer a nice change from the CG effects. The set design in the show carries the feel of the movies over to the show.

Tremors: The Series is a fun monster of the week show that was done dirty by the network that originally aired it. Sci-Fi Channel originally aired it and did so out of order, which didn’t do it any favors. I was expecting it to be on Peacock, since the franchise is owned by Universal, but it isn’t. The Sci-Fi Channel used to make really good TV shows and I think that Peacock would be the perfect place for them to be. That goes double to the exceptionally hard shows to find. I give Tremors: The Series 7.5 Assblaster lighters out of 10.

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