Swamp Thing: Green Hell #1

I’ve been a fan of Swamp Thing since I was young. Until the last five years or so all of my intake of the character was from the big and small screens. Within the last five years I made it a point to read the older comics about the character. I’ve slacked off but I had read some of the Alan Moore penned run and have had a hard time finding any of the collected editions beside the first one. I spotted Swamp Thing: Green Hell #1 during my last trip to the comic book store and bought it without knowing anything about it.

I’m glad I did pick it up because this is right up my alley. There’s monsters, there’s gore, and there’s post-apocalyptic insanity. Green Hell is written by Jeff Lemire, drawn by Doug Mahnke, and colors by David Baron. I’ve not read anything that any of the creative team have done before, but I’ve heard of Jeff Lemire a lot. That fact along with being a Swamp Thing made this very interesting to me. This is also a part of the DC Comics Black Label, which makes it have different dimensions than regular comics.

Swamp Thing: Green Hell #1 is the start to a very interesting story. I look forward to getting the rest of the comics in the series. I don’t imagine that I’ll be able to get them as soon as the come out but I hope to get them soon after they do. I won’t do a rating for the single issues but it’s very good.

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