Outcast Volume 4

Outcast volume 4 gives even more hints about what’s actually going on while not revealing anything for certain. There are hints at the true nature of Kyle’s relationship with the entities and his role as an Outcast. Sidney speaks in riddles and doesn’t say anything for sure, but he does that they’re all connected. Throughout the volume you see how widespread everything, having gotten to half the town at the very least. This volume ends with another hell of a cliffhanger.

Robert Kirkman continues to write a mystery that I can’t help but read as soon as I can. I just devour the words as soon as I can. That’s helped by Paul Azaceta’s artwork and Elizabeth Breitweiser’s colors. The way that they draw Sidney and just amp his creep factor to eleven makes you want to see if he’ll live up to how he looks. Azaceta’s line work really makes the action feel frenetic and uncontrollable. The use of sound effects in the last two volumes have made them feel much more claustrophobic. The sounds taking up most of the panels with the action happening at the bottom or corner.

Outcast volume 4 continues the ramping up of the story while providing tiny morsels of clues. I think the worst thing about reading this series is having to wait for them to come in.  I still feel like this series needs more eyes on it than it got originally. I give Outcast volume 4 9 demonic ravens out of 10.

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