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Reacher (Season One)


I started Reacher when it was announced that the Marvel Netflix shows were leaving with an unknown destination. Since I was going through them with my mom to help her have context to both Matt Murdock and Kingpin in the MCU. I had been seeing ads for Reacher and when she brought it up I thought it would be something to watch while waiting to see where the other shows were going.

Little did I know that Reacher was going to be not only a fun show to watch but a quality show as well. I had little knowledge of the character of Jack Reacher was from the backlash for the Tom Cruise movies. Cruise isn’t as tall as the character was described in the books. That’s where Alan Ritchson come in. He is just as large as the character is described and should be in live action. The way that Ritchson carries himself in the role helps make the episodes. Reacher is a man of few words but is a man of action. The physicality that he brings to the fight scenes helps make them have a more visceral feel.

The rest of the cast is amazing. Malcom Goodwin, Willa Fitzgerald, Chris Webster, Bruce McGill, and Maria Sten are all amazing in their roles. I had only seen Willa Fitzgerald in the first two seasons of Scream: The TV Series and I was glad to see her put a great performance in Reacher. Malcom Goodwin has a really fun chemistry with not only Ritchson but also Fitzgerald. Those three are the main trio that you follow, adding Maria Sten near the end of the season, and they’re all so much fun together. Chris Webster is the kind of villain that you just want to see get punched in the face not just once though, you want to see it happen several times.

Reacher is an amazing show that you can easily binge all of without really meaning to. I will say the only bad thing about this show is that all of the episodes being available all at once. I would have thought that they would have stuck with the weekly schedule that Amazon had been doing previously with their original programming. I think it would have helped the mystery to have the breaks between episodes. The show was renewed for another season so there will be more. I give season one of Reacher 8.5 pieces of pie out of 10.

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