Outcast Volume 3

Outcast volume 3 picks up right after the end of the previous volume. It kicks off at almost full throttle and barely lets off throughout the entire volume. While it isn’t revealed to the reader that plot that the demonic forces have are coming together. While that happens Kyle learns more about what he and the Reverend can do to combat the forces. That’s all the while Kyle’s past continues to come back and drudge up past hurt. The volume ends on a pretty major cliffhanger.

The creative team of Robert Kirkman, Paul Azaceta, and Elizabeth Breitweiser continue to have an amazing mixture of art and story that make the artform of comics work in only the way it can. Kirkman weaves the mystery in the story throughout while giving tiny hints to what’s actually going on. Azaceta and Breitweiser work together on a single page of artwork that conveys just how sinister one of the characters is. It’s on a whole other level of sinister compared to the other demons.

Outcast volume 3 is a surprisingly action packed start to everything coming together. I keep getting surprised at how good this comic series is. Aside from it not really being something for a wider audience to get into. So far what I’ve read of it I would put this up with Kirkman’s early The Walking Dead stuff. I give Outcast volume 3 9 demonic ravens out of 10.

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