Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell

Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell is another fun movie in the franchise. I think I enjoyed it a little less than the previous movie but its still a lot of fun. I was optimistically hopeful going into the movie and it didn’t disappoint. This biggest different in this movie is it has the closest approximation to a human antagonist in any of the movies, which made for some interesting repercussions for the story.

John Whelpley returns as the writer, this time as the sole writer. Don Michael Paul also returns as director. Both keep the fun factor from the previous movie at the same level. Paul keeps the action heavy way that Bloodlines was done but adds more heart in A Cold Day in Hell. That also comes from Whelpley’s script, which offers more heart and also fun callbacks from the early movies.

Both Michael Gross and Jamie Kennedy return for this movie, which is pretty cool that Gross gets to play off characters for more than one movie. Tanya van Graan, Jamie-Lee Money, and Kiroshan Naidoo support the returning cast members. Money plays a character connected to characters from the first movie. Paul du Toit plays the human antagonist in the movie and he’s one of the few people you want to see get eaten by a graboid.

I was hoping that there would be new designs in this movie for the graboids in this movie since it was going to be in a different habitat than desert. I’m okay with the designs being the same as in Bloodlines because it makes the original designs feel more special. While there’s still a lot of CG in the movie there is also a return to practical effects. The practical effects gives everything a different feel since there’s more for the actors to interact with.

Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell is another fun entry into the Tremors franchise. I know that I’m going into the final movie, for now, of the franchise after this and I hope its as fun as this and the previous movie have been. I’m still unsure if I’ll be watching the tv show after I finish the movies. You can stream Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell on the Starz app. I give Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell 6.5 pairs of shooting glasses out of 10.

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