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Titane was a movie that I started hearing a lot about last year but never had an easy chance to see it until recently. I learned at the beginning of the week that it was on Hulu here in the US. This information changed what I had planned for the week since I was finally able to watch the movie. Titane is a movie that I only heard one thing about but its so much more than what I heard about it. It is just as good as I had heard it was and glad that I was able to see it finally.

Titane is the second feature from Julia Ducournau but the first that I’ve seen. Together with the lead Agathe Rouselle make a movie that’s wholly original and different. When adding Vincent Lindon, Garance Marillier, and Laïs Salameh to everything they add a whole new layer. The interactions between Rouselle and Lindon throughout the final two thirds of the movie are some of the most interesting things in the movie, especially given how the movie starts.

The effects in Titane are fantastic. There are pretty extensive practical effects throughout the movie that look amazing. There are also CG effects, but they seem to mostly support the practical effects and do so wonderfully. That’s not even to mention not only the set and costume designers for the movie that did an amazing job. The music by Jim Williams is fantastic and trying to say anything more would fail to do it justice.

Titane is a movie that you should watch if you want to see a wholly original French horror film. I honestly think you should go into Titane knowing as little as possible, so you don’t have any set preconceptions about it. I’m glad I knew only a little about it going in, but it still gave a little bit away. You can stream Titane on Hulu in the US. I give Titane 9 Flame Caddies out of 10.

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