Peacemaker Episode 8 and Overall Thoughts

Episode 8 of Peacemaker is titled “It’s Cow or Never” which continues the season long gag of pun titles for the episodes. This episode continues the streak of solid episodes and ends the season on a note that could have been the series finale. It was announced the day before the finale that Peacemaker was renewed for a second season. This episode was written and directed by James Gunn, which made it a nice book end for the story that was told throughout the season.

The cast is amazing, as the case has been the entire season. Standouts from the episode are Danielle Brooks and Annie Chang. Both get some pretty heavy moments, especially Chang. Brooks gets to kick a lot of ass in this episode, which offers a fun character moment. Jennifer Holland gets character growth as Harcourt, which most of the main cast gets character moments. Those moments come at different points of the episode. There’s a fun scene that connects the show to the broader DC universe.

This entire season has been a fantastic mixture of comedy, gore, and heart that only James Gun could think up. There are fun easter eggs throughout the season for both comic fans as well as fans of B movies. John Cena is a blast in his role as Chris Smith/Peacemaker. I make that distinction because you get to know him outside of his role as Peacemaker. Cena gets to stretch his acting chops in the 8 episodes. Gunn does a great job of letting wrestlers flex more than just their biceps.

Peacemaker is an outstanding comic book show that I can’t recommend more. The only thing that’s known for season 2 is that James Gunn will be writing and directing the entire season. You don’t have to see The Suicide Squad before you start Peacemaker, but it will give you a much deeper appreciation for the journey that Peacemaker goes through. You can stream Peacemaker on HBO Max. I give season 1 of Peacemaker 9 Doves of Peace out of 10.


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