Halloween Kills Novelization

Halloween Kills: The Official Movie Novelization: Waggoner, Tim:  9781789096019: Amazon.com: Books

The novelization of Halloween Kills was the first movie novelization that I’ve seen in a long time. I was lucky enough to happen upon it and I wanted to read it as soon as I could. I was a fan of Halloween Kills, even though I would gladly admit that some of it was fairly heavy handed in its approach to certain parts. The novelization had several interesting parts.

The most interesting aspect of it is that there are entire sections written from Michael’s perspective. Seeing how detached he is from the world and how he views it in such a way that he seems like an alien discovering the world. You actually see the events from Anthony Tivoli’s perspective, which adds a very different look at the hospital riot. Also learning that Karen was a psychiatrist makes her decision to help Tivoli make even more sense.

Tim Waggoner did a fantastic job of adapting the script to novel form. There are several easter eggs for fans of the series, like Tommy having a thorn rune tattoo and Silver Shamrock masks. If you were a fan of Halloween Kills or just want more Halloween stuff to tide you over, I would recommend reading this novel. I give the novelization of Halloween Kills 9 burnt masks out of 10.

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