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I wanted to watch something for Valentine’s Day. I also wanted to do that while also watching something that I had never seen before. That’s why I decided to go with the remake of My Bloody Valentine or My Bloody Valentine 3D. I had avoided it when it was coming out because I had yet to see the original movie. I’ve watched the original movie multiple times now and I’ll safely say that it’s one of my favorite slashers. I’m glad I watched My Bloody Valentine 3D finally, though I don’t imagine it’ll be something I revisit often. It feels like a movie from the late 90s to me.

Patrick Lussier’s style of directing makes the movie feel like it was made at least ten years earlier than it actually was. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but just something that makes My Blood Valentine 3D have an interesting feel. I’m not sure how much of that is Todd Farmer and Zane Smith’s script. The story was by Stephen Miller with all of it being based on John Beaird’s script for the original movie.  One of the biggest flaws for the movie was 3D in the movie. That made it feel even older, like a gimmicky 70s or 80s 3D movie.

The cast was pretty interesting especially since this was one of the two horror remakes that had a star from Supernatural in it. The main three are Jensen Ackles, Jaime King, and Kerr Smith filling the love triangle from the original. The rest of the cast includes Edi Gathegi, Betsy Rue, Megan Boone, Tom Atkins, and Kevin Tighe. Ackles can play menacing like nobodies’ business. I’m surprised that he wasn’t cast as more villains, especially after this. I could have used more Tom Atkins in this movie, but some of him is better than none at all. Jaime King is absolutely fantastic in this, much like she is in everything that I see her in.

The CG used in the movie while not the best is made worse by the 3D that was supposed to be in the movie. I feel like it doesn’t look nearly as bad in 3D but without it everything looks less than stellar. There are practical effects in the movie, and it adds a lot to the movie. It adds to a lot the scenes because there’s something tangible in the scene. It also helps when the effects are as spectacular as they are in the movie. The score by Michael Wandmacher is pretty good. The music has a driving beat that adds a lot of urgency to the movie.

My Bloody Valentine 3D is a pretty fun movie, but a mess of a remake. A lot of the stuff that they changed from the original movie was telegraphed if you paid attention to the movie. You really just need to go into the movie not expecting the original movie and that will help you out a lot. The ending doesn’t have the same kind of oomph as the original, but that’s hard to replicate. You can watch My Bloody Valentine 3D on HBO Max. I give My Bloody Valentine 3D 7.5 pickaxes out of 10.

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