Joe Bob’s Heartbreak Trailer Park

Where To Watch Joe Bob's Heartbreak Trailer Park (2022)? - Marvelous Videos

This was an interesting special. The last couple of specials that Joe Bob and Darcy have done they were kind of the antithesis of what the holiday would traditionally be associated with. The was kind of an anti-Valentine’s Day special, though the first movie didn’t really have much to do with any sort of traditional love. Before I go into the movies that were shown this was much like other specials, and that’s always a welcome thing. I will welcome any chance to see both Joe Bob and Darcy on my TV.

The first movie was Black Roses, and this was a first viewing for me. There were also special guests for the first movie, and they were The Boulet Brothers. I had started watching Dragula recently and think that both of them are joys. Joe Bob had such interesting questions for the ladies as well as having insights about the intersection between drag and horror. The guests along with the entertaining movie made it all a fun watch.

The second movie was Frankenhooker, and it was another first-time watch for me. This movie had special guests this time it was the director Frank Henenlotter and the male lead James Lorenz. The guests, especially Henenlotter, have a lot of fun insights on the movie. Henenlotter is also just a lot of fun to hear talk about movies. I could listen to him and Joe Bob talk about movies for a long time. Darcy cosplays as the titular character after the movie, and she’s as fantastic as she ever is.

Both movies have songs with music videos and they’re a lot of fun. This hasn’t been a traditional review, but you can’t really review a show like this. I will always be happy to have any chance to tweet along with not only Darcy but also the rest of the Mutant Fam. Joe Bob’s Heartbreak Trailer Park is supposed to be up on Shudder on either the 13th or 14th of February. I give this special 10 bolo ties out of 10.

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