Peacemaker Episode 7 – Stop Dragon My Heart Around

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Peacemaker episode 7 “Stop Dragon My Heart Around” kind of threw my theory about how the last two episodes were going to go on the ground and kicked it in the head. The episode starts by showing the relationship between Chris and his brother Keith and what happened that caused Keith’s death. It showed the that the death was caused by their dad, though Chris ended up taking all of the blame. The team of Peacemaker, Vigilante, Eagly, and Economos is interesting and leads to some comedic parts.

Episode 7 is the most emotional episode so far. Whether it be the confrontation between Chris and his father or the different interactions between Harcourt and Adebayo. There are two major deaths and they both illicit different reactions, one more cathartic than the other. The change in dynamic that comes from the deaths come from revelations from the previous episode as well as the event of this episode. This episode ends with a reveal of what the cow actually looks like. I also want to mention the after credits scene of Locke at the press conference is hilarious.

Brad Anderson had a lot to do in this episode and I think that he did an amazing job of tackling all of the different emotions in the episode. He was able to get fantastic performances out of everyone, with John Cena having to do a lot of incredibly emotional scenes. There are also comedic moments throughout the episode alongside action heavy sequences. I’m going to be sad when Peacemaker is over.

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