Peacemaker Episode 6 – “Murn After Reading”

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Oh man, Peacemaker just keeps getting better. Murn After Reading, the sixth episode, picks up right as the end previous was ending. This leads to a lot of the secrets throughout the series so far being revealed and most of the team finding out the secret about Murn. The only two that don’t know the truth are Peacemaker and Vigilante. The mess with Peacemaker’s father and the cops lead to a botched raid on Peacemaker’s house while his father is released as well.

There’s a sequence that plays to James Gunn’s background in horror movies. That sequence sets up what will happen in the final two episodes. It looks like it will end up being the team vs The White Dragon vs the butterflies. There’s also a sequence where Vigilante and Peacemaker try to talk to butterfly Goff, and its comedic gold. The episode ends with the newly butterfly possessed police squad having a press conference that makes Peacemaker a wanted man because of a fake diary, that had been planted by Adebayo and discovered in the failed raid.

I also really want to mention Chukwudi Iwuji’s performance, especially in this episode. The nuances of his performance as a possessed person that’s struggling with who the man he possessed was. The butterfly that has taken over Murn’s body is different from rest of the butterflies and wants to live in peace with humans rather than taking them over, seemingly. The emotions that he shows while talking about the kind of man Murn was before being possessed as well as the violence that Locke does. There are also nice character moments throughout the episode.

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