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Blue Ruin was a movie that I had tried to find after seeing Jeremy Saulnier’s third movie. Green Inferno was my introduction to Jeremy Saulnier, and I have no problems saying the Green Inferno kind of fucked me up. I was able to find Saulnier’s first movie, Murder Party, and I enjoyed it a lot. I’ve enjoyed all of his movies that I’ve seen so far.

This was Jeremy Saulnier’s second movie and boy howdy is it incredibly different than his first. While Murder Party was a darkly comedic movie with heavy violence, Blue Ruin has the same amount of violence but is a heavy movie. Saulnier not only wrote and directed Blue Ruin but also was the cinematographer as well. He has such a way to linger on moments that the heavy moments feel even heavier.

Blue Ruin is Macon Blair’s movie. I’ve seen him in other things specifically Jeremy Saulnier’s other movies, but this is an outstanding performance from him. The way that he portrayed the different emotions and how heavy they hit him. He’s supported by Devin Ratray, Eve Plumb, and David W. Thompson. Everyone in the movie delivers performances that are outstanding. The scene in the diner is an early scene that really gets you.

The effects in the movie really help sell the aftermath of the violence in the movie. They add a visceral effect to the movie that make all of it feel like something akin to ultra-violence. The music by Brooke Blair and Will Blair is good.  The score adds even more weight to the story throughout the movie.

Blue Ruin is a heavy movie that is beautifully shot and acted. I had wanted to make sure that I was able to watch it before it left HBO Max at the end of the month. This served as a good bridge between the first and second movies from Jeremy Saulnier. I give Blue Ruin 8.5 Virginia postcards out of 10.

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