Royal Rumble 2022

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My feelings toward the Royal Rumble this year are pretty meh. I don’t think that I’ve watched wrestling since SummerSlam, which is the last time I wrote about wrestling. There’s just so much wrestling and I don’t have a way to watch live television it’s not easy to way to watch it consistently. The Rumble is something that I usually try to watch no matter how much I’m watching wrestling.

The show started with Reigns vs Rollins, with Rollins starting the match by doing the old Shield entrance to troll Reigns. The match was good, with Rollins continuing to troll the champion which leads a DQ finish, but it makes sense with the story that was being told. The women’s Rumble was next with some really cool gear like Sasha Banks having Sailor Moon gear and Shayna Baszler with Warhammer 40k gear. The ending with a returning Ronda Rousey winning felt kinda bad. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

Acting like a cool down match for the Rumble is the Raw Women’s Title match. Doudrop vs Becky Lynch is a solid match, but I couldn’t help but laugh at Lynch’s new character. She’s so over the top that I just laughed at how ridiculous she was. The next match is the WWE title match between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. This was a fun match until shenanigans happen. It furthers a storyline between Lesnar and Reigns while also adding a through line for the night.

The next match was a mixed tag team match between The Miz and Maryse and Edge and Beth Phoenix. This was a much better match than it really had any right to be. Some fun moments but not really anything too spectacular. It ends with the men’s Rumble which had some cool moments though both Rumbles had those. Ricochet had some cool gear based on Jin from Tekken, specifically Jin from Tekken 3. The end of the Rumble left another bad taste in my mouth with Lesnar entering at 30 and winning. It felt a little telegraphed with his loss earlier in the night, but I had hoped it wasn’t going to happen.

While the Rumble matches endings left a lot to desire, with neither of them having feel good moments. The other matches range from surprisingly good to great. The next premium live event, which is what they’ve rebranded pay per views as, is one of WWE’s Saudi shows. I don’t watch those on principle even though I do like Elimination Chamber matches. I think I’d give Royal Rumble 2022 6.5 title belts out of 10.

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